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Autore: a cura di Elena Biserna e Precious Brown

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The interaction between cinema, architecture and dispositif opens theoretical and methodological perspectives of which the contributions compiled in this volume are a significant illustration.

Cinema, architecture and urbanism have developed a long and mutual relationship, and research in this field has given rise to a large body of interdisciplinary studies. The contributions in the first section of this volume present a wide array of topics including cinematic works by architects, filmic representations of architectural and urban space, audiovisual practices in urban and architectural contexts, the relationships between filmic and architectural space and recent developments in and understandings of design.

In face of new forms (such as the installation, exhibition, or performance) and technological advances (digital image processing and interactivity, among others), the definition of cinema has expanded. The contributions in the second section discuss the outcomes of this expansion and investigate novel uses of older forms in the work of contemporary artists, performers and filmmakers.

CINEMA, ARCHITECTURE, DISPOSITIF is the first of two selections of contributions to the III Paris Summerschool and the VIII MAGIS – Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School.

Contributions from Dominique Allard, Ana Barroso, Christa Blümlinger, Pierre Bourdareau, Lucy Bullivant, Mauro Buzzi, Martina Caruso, Marcos Pablo Centeno Martín, Adriano D’Aloia, Emeric de Lastens, Nicolas Droin, Ruggero Eugeni, Térésa Faucon, Anne Faure, Marie Fraser, Marie-Laure Guétin, Simon Hagemann, Jeremy Hamers, Shahram Hosseinabadi, Laurence Kimmel, Olha Kobryn, Stephan Kowal, Barbara Le Maître, David Lieberman, Sandra Lischi, Sara Martin, Marlène Monteiro, Marzia Morteo, Laura Mulvey, Claudio Musso, Sophie Paviol, Edwige Perrot, Claude Prelorenzo, Leonardo Quaresima, Laurence Schifano, Clotilde Simond, Antonio Somaini, Lara Thompson, Dick Tomasovic, Cristina Tosatto, Luc Vancheri, and Sun Jung Yeo.

Edited by Elena Biserna and Precious Brown with an introduction by Philippe Dubois.

ELENA BISERNA is a Ph.D. candidate in Audiovisual Studies at the University of Udine. Her interests deal with the relationships among sound, visual arts and architecture focusing, in particular, on sound walks and aesthetic practices in urban space. She published articles and co-edited Extended Cinema. Le cinéma gagne du terrain (Campanotto, 2010) with Philippe Dubois and Frédéric Monvoisin.

PRECIOUS BROWN studied Film at the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently conducting research on landscape in Finnish Cinema at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. Her interests include representations of the female body as well as the relationship of the body to space.
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