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Titolo: Italian Translation Itineraries

Autore: John Dodds


Codice ISBN: 88-456-1337-1

Pagine: 208

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"Italian Translation Itineraries" is an unusual book in that, unlike most well-known works on translation, this one is actually designed to be of specific interest to translators and scholars who regularly work to and from Italian. There is a theoretical-historical part that examines how Italian and English texts have been received in their respective target cultures and the extent to which the widespread study of translation has actually affected the way we translate. Future prospects are discussed too, with particular reference to both computer-aided translation work and machine translation, which many fear will eventually replace humans altogether. There is also a practical section designed for students and teachers to use in the classroom, which includes some annotated texts and model translations of extracts taken from newspapers and magazines, as well as from modern literature.

John Dodds is Full Professor of English Language and Translation Studies at the renowned School of Languages for Interpreters and Translators at the University of Trieste. He started learning Italian at a very young age and decided to move to Italy in 1978. He worked as a freelance translator for many years while beginning his academic career at the University of Udine. He has also been a British Honorary Consul and has collaborated actively in the work of the British Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Prof. Dodds has specialised mainly in literary translation, but he has also dealt extensively with translation and interpreting in the world of business. One book in particular that may be of interest to our readers is called Aspects of Literary Text Analysis and Translation Criticism and is also published by Campanotto Editore.
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